Newest News!

LT3 is closing. That’s been not-so-new-news for a few weeks. I’ve been busy with all the various bits and bobs that entails, but I’ve also been considering what to do with my books. For the most part, they’re going to be repubbed via self-pub. I am retiring some short stories though, as they’re older and not as polished or shiny as I would like. I’ll jump right into that:

Books to be retired:

  • A Delicate Game (I think; this is a freebie, and I’m going to re-read before I make a final determination)
  • Arson of the Heart
  • Playing with Shadows (another freebie, but I want to expand this one like mad)
  • Seeing is Believing
  • The Ambassadors
  • To Get to You

These are all currently available through LT3, though they will be gone by the end of August. I don’t have an exact date on that, but it’ll probably be by 8/21. 

Everything else will go back out via self-pub once I have the time to create new ebooks stripped of LT3 information. I’m kind of debating getting a new cover for Battle of Will, one that matches Axbridge in theme, but I may just throw that up for now as is and then re-do it down the road.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at! I’ll try to keep everyone updated, but we all know I’m terrible about that, so we shall see.