Axbridge – May 2015 – Ebook Only, Morcia ‘verse

On the trail of a dangerous, violent mage, Tannis and his partner, Beck, fall into a nasty trap—and it’s Beck who barely survives, losing blood almost faster than Tannis can get her to the nearest village for help.

Help proves to be Isani, a curt, mercurial healer who wants nothing to do with Tannis, and even less to do with the mage they’re hunting—a mage Isani knows far too well, and had hoped would never return.

The Duke's Deception
The Duke’s Deception – January 2014 – Free Read, Ebook Only

All Larkin wants is to be left in peace, live a life free of lies and deceit. But agreements have been made and he must see them through if he ever hopes to achieve his goals. But between nefarious dealings, dangerous encounters, and one stubbornly determined prince, the obstacles may ultimately prove insurmountable…

Beach Remedy
Beach Remedy – June 2013 – Ebook Only, Paranormal Days ‘verse

With his cousin laid up from a broken ankle, Lee agrees to help him out and combine a beach vacation with a bit of legwork to scope out a haunted lighthouse. That his cousin agrees to pay for the vacation certainly makes a cheesy ghost tour bearable. Lee’s plan is to get the work out of the way quickly, then spend the rest of his time on sun, sand, and all the blood and sex a vampire can stand. But the cute hotel clerk he picks out proves to be anything but an easy snack.

The Novelty Maker
The Novelty Maker – January 2013 – Free read, Ebook Only

As often as he can possibly manage, Cole slips away from the parties and teas inflicted upon him by his mother to visit Harlowe, the brilliant, mercurial novelty maker he met several months ago when commissioning a piece for his mother. Overwhelmed with work, and preferring to avoid people, Harlowe is not an easy person to know, and Cole values too much their hard-won friendship to ever risk it by telling Harlowe of his true feelings. Then Harlowe begins to receive letters from a secret admirer…

Burning Bonds
Burning Bonds – November 2012 – Ebook Only, Republished in January 2018, a Natures in Harmony book

The charms and elixirs crafted by the fae are highly prized and notoriously difficult to obtain. The fae charms Fihr sells at his stall are lucrative business, but he would happily throw it all away to have a chance with Satu, the beautiful faerie who makes the charms. When he catches Satu trying to run away, terrified of his betrothed, Fihr throws all caution aside, determined to help Satu no matter what it takes.

Playing with Shadows
Playing with Shadows – May 2012 – Free read, Ebook Only

Corin is nearly done with his term amongst the priests. In a matter of months, he’ll be able to return home and leave his miserable days in the temple behind him. He’s tired of lazy priests and tired of stories of demon shadows that move of their own volition.

Then Corin starts to see things, and the priests begin to act strange, and he begins to wonder… is he losing his mind, or are the shadows more than they seem?

To Get to You
To Get to You – July 2011 – Ebook Only

Madison does not like Adam, not even a little bit. He’s a jerk in every sense of the word, and Madison wants nothing to do with him. But Madison can’t bring himself to simply leave a mage to suffer when it’s in his power to help—and as he is the only available fire mage on campus, he is literally the only one who can help Adam bind his negative energies.

It’s the kind of help he’d offer anyone; Adam the jerk is no exception. Once the spell is done, they can go their separate ways, and that will be the end of the matter. Right?

A Delicate Game
A Delicate Game – July 2011 – Free Read, Ebook Only

Even masters of the game can meet their match…

Elio and Sestro are beautiful, seductive, and talented—in more ways than anyone knows. They are known for taking lovers back to their room to share for the night—but each lover only enjoys one night with the notorious brothers. Practically no one realizes the true nature of the lovers they choose. It is a game they created, and which they play masterfully.

Until they choose a lover who proves that the best way to win a game is to ignore all the rules…

The Ambassadors
The Ambassadors – June 2011 – Ebook Only

Anike is the royal artist, kept extremely busy by a demanding prince who wants every illustrious moment of his reign recorded in ink and paint. His latest task is recording the visit of the ambassadors from the country of Marana, long closed off from the world and only just newly opened. But when they arrive, and Anike catches his first glimpse of the exotic Maranans, painting is the very last thing on his mind—and all that could go wrong by falling for them the first.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance – April 2011, Republished June 2014 – Ebook Only, Paranormal Days ‘verse

After a belated birthday celebration, Josh wakes up next to the pretty stranger he took home at the end of the night. A stranger who is gone a few minutes later, leaving behind only a sock and a strange pair pf puncture marks on Josh’s neck.

The very last place Josh expects to see him is as a new employee at the office where Josh works. He’s not opposed to going to lunch together, though—until lunch ends up even stranger than the wounds on his neck.

Arson of the Heart Arson of the Heart – April 2010 – Ebook Only

School is hard enough with finals to face, accolades exams to prepare for, and far too many books to read and papers to write. Toma’s had more than enough—all he wants is to be left in peace to do his work, get his accolades, and figure out what he’s going to do post-graduation.

He doesn’t need the aggravation that comes from being harassed by a fellow student, and he most certainly does not need the distraction that comes in the form of Professor Lajos.